Taking Care Of Your Teeth At Work

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When you are at work and concentrating on the task at hand, you may be doing your teeth a disservice. Many people have little habits they do that they don't give a second thought to and quite a few of those habits can be teeth-related. This article will educate you on some of the things you may be doing subconsciously that can harm your teeth so you can avoid doing them in the future.

Using your teeth to open packages

It can be easy to use your teeth to open packages, but this is something that puts them at risk of a few different types of damage. You may chip off a piece of your tooth using them in this manner. You may also fracture them. Also, using them to open packages can put too much stress on the root and cause the tooth to become loose.

Make a habit of keeping your pocket knife or a pair of scissors nearby so you don't rely on your teeth to do the opening.

Chewing on non-food items

When you are at work, you may find yourself sticking your pen or pen cap in your mouth and chewing on it. You may also have the habit of chewing on the straw from your drink.

Chewing on non-food items can cause added stress to your teeth that will cause them to fracture and possibly to break if you bite too hard on a weak spot.

Eating snacks throughout the day

Some people find they like to constantly snack throughout the day while they are at work. If this sounds like you, then you are increasing your chances of developing cavities. When you continuously eat during the day without properly rinsing or cleaning your teeth, a lot of plaque can build up on your teeth and cause cavities to develop.

If you do eat a lot during work hours, you should make a habit of chewing sugarless gum after so you can remove the food particles from your teeth. Also, keep water with you and sip on it often to keep your mouth rinsed.

If you know you put your teeth under a lot while you are at work, you should try to take care of them when you can by keeping trial-sized dental care products in your desk. This way, you can sneak off into the bathroom to care for them if you have eaten sugary foods.

For more information or tips on how to protect your teeth, talk to a dentist like Ginger Scoggins DDS.