Clip-On Veneers May Be Great For Your Daughter To Use In Her Next Glitz Beauty Pageant

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If your daughter wants to compete in glitz pageants, her smile is one of the most important factors to consider. A great smile will allow your child to show off her unique personality, her beauty, and feel confident when she competes. The guide below walks you through the process a dentist can use to create a temporary smile for your child to wear when she competes.

Examine Your Child's Teeth

The first thing the dentist will need to do is to examine your child's teeth. He or she needs to make sure that they are in good health and strong enough to be able to support the clip-on veneers. If the teeth have cavities or cracks, the issues will need to be addressed before the veneers can be used.

Create a Mold of Your Child's Smile

Next, the dentist will use some dental putty to create a mold of your child's current smile. He or she will press the putty against the interior of your child's mouth to create the perfect mold. The mold will harden and can then be used as a guide for the clip-on veneers.

Have the Veneers Created

The mold will then be sent to a dental lab where dental technicians will create veneers to clip over your child's smile to create the beautiful smile that they want for their competition. No adhesive will be required because the veneers will stay in place on their own.

Use the Veneers Properly

The veneers should not be worn when your child eats or drinks anything. When your child bites, the veneers could break. Your child should also not chew gum when wearing the veneers because the gum could cause them to come loose, which could be embarrassing for your little one.

Store the Veneers Properly

When the veneers are not being worn, it is important to store them in a hard-shell case so that they do not become damaged or broken in your purse or pocket. The case will create a barrier from germs, as well.

The veneers should not be worn for long periods of time. They are designed for use in pictures and when competing on stage, but extended use could cause your child's gums to become swollen or tender. Be sure that your child knows to leave the veneers in until it is time to take them out so that there is no chance of them breaking or getting lost between uses.