3 Possible Reasons Why Your Teeth Are Sensitive to Temperature Changes

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Having your teeth be sensitive to cold or hot or even both can be quite unpleasant. If you're worried about it, unfortunately, the fact is it's very likely that there's something wrong with your teeth that's causing this issue. However, what exactly it is can vary. Here are three of the most likely causes of your pain.

Thinning Enamel

One of the most common is thinning or damaged tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is the hardest layer of the tooth, and the external layer as well. It's there to help shield the rest of the tooth from damage and decay, but when it wears away, your tooth is no longer protected. This means that the nerves under the surface are closer to the surface, and thus more sensitive. What you once just detected as being cold or hot may come across as painful instead, because it's the body's warning sign that the tooth could be injured by those extreme temperatures.


Another common possibility is that you have a cavity. If you're having pain in more than one tooth, this is less likely, although it could, of course, mean that you have multiple cavities. In many cases, cavities are visible in a mirror, especially if you have a dental mirror. Take a peek in one to look at your tooth with a bright light. If you see any dark spots or holes, that's likely the source of your problem.

Hairline Fracture

Lastly, one potential problem is that you could have a mild break in the tooth. This sort of break tends to happen to people who grind their teeth and clench. The tooth can suffer a mild fracture that doesn't become visibly apparent to the naked eye, yet can allow in liquids to touch the inner areas of the tooth. This is not only dangerous because it can potentially lead to infections of the tooth, but it's also a problem for pain.

The biggest issue with hairline fractures is that they can be difficult for even dentists to find. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst conditions you can have, as a hairline fracture sometimes requires root canals to stop the pain once and for all.

Regardless of what's causing your pain, you should consider seeing a dentist. The fact that you're experiencing pain now means you already have a problem and waiting will probably only make it worse. Visit a clinic like Hayden  Dental soon and get the help that you need so that you can be comfortable again.