Dental Cleaning: Getting Out Of Sticky Dental Situations

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It is a fact that you can't avoid awkward dental situations forever. Everyone experiences them no matter how embarrassing they get. Say, for instance, you're at a first date with a guy you really want to impress or at a business dinner with a very important client. You can't let these dental horrors kill your chances of moving your relationship to the next level or getting that huge project for your firm. Here are a few tips to make sure your mouth cooperates with your plans.

#1: Finding out if something is stuck in your teeth

When something is stuck in your teeth, you can tell by looking at a mirror. To make it less obvious that you are checking your teeth, discreetly use the back of a spoon or your cell phone camera.

Plan A: Drink water and swish it around your mouth. Or, try chewing on a piece of gum. That will tend to loosen it.

Plan B: If water and gum aren't good enough, just excuse yourself for a minute and go to the restroom. Good if you have floss, but if you don't, get in a cubicle and use your fingers. If you don't want to put your fingers in your mouth, then you can try folding a piece of paper towel and use the pointy corner to do it. Never use any dangerous tools like keys or pens. You're just creating more damage to both your teeth and gums.

#2: Making use of a breath mint.

Chronic bad breath often has to be treated by your dentist for long-term solutions. However, if you're already on the spot, here's what you can do.

Plan A: Drink water, chew gum, or just always ensure you keep a few sugarless breath mints with you just in case.

Plan B: Most bad breath-causing bacteria is found on your tongue. Very discreetly, get your spoon and use it to scrape off your tongue.

Plan C: Try eating foods like celery, yogurt, or apples. Or, chew on your garnish if you happen to be eating at a restaurant.

#3: Dealing with hot or cold foods and drinks

When you eat, there can be moments that you feel a sudden throbbing on your teeth. These can be distracting both to you and the person you're with.

Plan A: Stay away from hot and cold foods and hold a cold drink against your hurting jaw.

Plan B: If you feel it's something severe, tell the truth, excuse yourself, and give your dentist a call.

Ultimately, all these problems can be avoided if you always keep your mouth healthy and clean with at-home care and regular checkups with a dentist, such as Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.