Building Confidence And Being Creative With Cosmetic Dentistry

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If you need cleaning, a replacement tooth after an accident or simply need a change from the ho-hum appearance in your mouth, a cosmetic dentist may have what you need. Consider a few techniques that a cosmetic dentistry team can use to make your smile as bright or as unique as you want:

Bleaching The Past Away And Keeping It Away

There are so many drinks, smokes and other habits that can have a terrible effect on your teeth's appearance. Whether you're an innocent bystander of good for with bad stains or enjoying a vice that's bad for your health and appearance, a cosmetic dentistry team can help you.

A lot of the plaque, deep-staining material and other discoloration problems that plague the teeth can be taken care of with bleaching and other related whitening techniques. It's fast, consistent and can be done within a day without having to deal with too many follow-up appointments.

It's still a good idea to make a few changes to your diet or at least consider a few home cleaning devices. Bleaching is a viable whitening technique, but in order to preserve your gums and promote general dental health that goes further than white teeth, make sure to consider the cosmetic dentist's follow-up advice as closely as possible.

Implants And Caps Your Way

If you're missing teeth or having damaged teeth, there isn't much to do outside of having a replacement tooth--often called a dental implant.

There are downsides to ignoring the problem. In addition to making eating a bit more difficult, your teeth may begin to migrate into the open space, changing your tooth alignment and causing more health problems.

You could get a porcelain or other tooth-colored implant, but do you have to be so ordinary? Not at all! Gold teeth, platinum teeth, studded teeth and many other modifications can be added to your teeth in order to give yourself a bit more flair. You're paying for it, so make sure to get dental work done that you can enjoy.

Dental implants don't have to stand out as much as a gold tooth replacement.

If you'd prefer, small jewels or ornamental etching can be placed on the surface of the implant that give a subtle effect. Embedded, crushed jewel in metal trenches can be put into the surface of the tooth to give the image of lettering or any designs that seem to be written on the tooth in small jewels.

Of course, if you're prefer to look as natural as possible, implant material can be made to resemble your old tooth as much as possible. A mapping of your existing teeth can be performed, or a mold of your lost tooth (if available) could be used. Contact a cosmetic dentistry team to begin your dental replacement planning.

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