Can't See Your Dentist Right Away? Use These Tips To Deal With Pain In Your Tooth

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It is a terrible position to be in when you start experiencing tooth pain and can't get to your regular dentist right away. Use the following tips to help you cope with your pain until you are able to get in touch with an emergency dentist.

Use a Cold Compress

One thing you can do right away that may soothe your pain is to put something cool on the cheek near the painful tooth. You can use an icepack, wrap a piece of ice in a washcloth or you can simply rinse a washcloth in cold water and press it against your cheek. A cold compress can help reduce swelling because it slows down the amount of blood flowing to the area, which may reduce the pain you are feeling.

Rinse with Water and Salt

Another idea for soothing pain that you might not think about is rinsing your mouth out with warm water and salt. When you are having tooth pain, sometimes the gums around the tooth are red, inflamed and painful. Rinsing your mouth may have a soothing effect.

To do this, put a little table salt into a glass of water that is about as warm as water you might use for tea. Make sure the salt dissolves, and then swish the mixture around in your mouth. You can rinse with the mixture a number of times a day.

The reason that this works to make you feel better is that salt reduces inflammation. Salt, through the process of osmosis, draws water out of inflamed gum tissues, helping them to be less swollen and you can experience some relief from pain because your gums will be exerting less pressure on your teeth.

Try Drops of Clove Oil

Clove oil, made from the clove plant, can be another way to ease the pain in your tooth. The source of your pain may be due to a bacterial infection, and clove oil has antibacterial qualities that might be able to kill some of the bacteria that is causing that kind of pain. To use clove oil on a painful tooth, a few drops of the oil is all you need in order to tell whether it works for you.

Use the tips above when you are in pain and can't get to your regular dentist. Seek out an emergency dentist like Larchmont Dental Arts LLC who can see you as soon as possible and determine the source of your pain.