Tats For Teeth: Tattooing Migrates To The Mouth

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Tattoos have become extremely popular in our country.  There are even television shows devoted to creating or repairing the ink designs.  However, a new trend in the artwork is emerging – tooth tattooing.  It gives new meaning to showing off your smile. 

How to Tattoo a Tooth

Tattoos on the teeth can either be temporary or permanent.  Temporary tattoos are done as a decal or as a tile that is glued to the tooth.  These are applied much like a nail sticker, but they must be applied by a professional. The stickers are applied with special glue directly to the enamel of the tooth.  Quick and easy, this method lasts for a few days with gentle cleaning. 

Permanent tattoos are much more time consuming and expensive.  The designs are applied to a ceramic crown or cap and then baked to preserve the design.  Specialty labs offer the services of an artist to add the artwork to the tattoo before it is sealed.  The process allows the tooth to be treated as any other dental restoration work.  If the tattoo is no longer wanted, the top surfaces of a crown can be ground off. 

Why Would You Want One?

Much like jewelry, skin tattoos, or piercings, tattoos on the teeth are a form of individual expression. Designs can be chosen for special occasions such as a wedding or prom.   With temporary decals, people can show their support for their favorite sports team, add a decorative flare, or showcase their military involvement.  Someday, tooth tattoos might even become a new way to advertise products with magazine models displaying logos in their smiles. 

How Expensive are They?

Permanent versions of tooth tattoos are more expensive and are based on how intricate the design is.  Just as a typical ink tattoo, the more time and artistry are involved, the more expensive it is.  Most versions cost less than $200.  The temporary ones, however, are much more affordable, costing about the same as a set of nail decals. 


While this trend is currently most popular in Japan, it will no doubt become a worldwide cosmetic procedure like dyed hair or acrylic nails.  The opportunities for individual expression are endless and costs are determined by the individual desires of the customer making tooth tattoos obtainable for a large consumer base. This is surely a fad that will catch on quickly with young people as a new way to adorn themselves and show off their individuality. For more info about the process, contact a cosmetic dentistry professional.