3 Things That Happen At Your Dental Check-Up

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When you go in for a dental check-up at least once every year, the dentist and dental hygienist will do a few different things to make sure that your teeth are still in good condition and are being cared for as they need to be. This article will discuss 3 things that happen at your dental check-up. 

X-Rays Are Taken

How often dental x-rays are taken is going to depend on a variety of factors, including how often your insurance covers the x-rays, whether or not you have or are prone to gum disease, if you are experiencing pain in your gums or bones in your mouth, etc. However, these x-rays are generally taken during dental checkups to check on the overall health of your teeth and gums, and it allows the dentist to see areas of your teeth that he/she couldn't otherwise see.  

Dental Cleaning 

One of the main parts of your dental check-up is going to include a dental cleaning. This cleaning will likely be done by a dental hygienist and will involve a much more thorough cleaning than when you brush your teeth. The hygienist will first start off by using metal dental picks to clean any plaque that is on the top and sides of your teeth. This plaque is sometimes hard to get to with just brushing, so the dental hygienist will be able to tell you the areas where you need to improve your brushing and/or flossing. Next, they will use an automatic dental toothbrush to carefully clean each and every tooth in your mouth. This is followed by a thorough flossing, where they may also show you some great flossing techniques. Lastly, you will then receive a fluoride treatment that will help protect your teeth until your next dental check-up. 

Dental Charts Are Updated 

At the end of your appointment, your dentist will likely come into the room to look over all of your teeth and update your dental charts as necessary. They will look over your x-rays, if you had them taken, and will see if there are any areas where your teeth are decaying either between your teeth or up into your gums. They will also check your mouth with picks and mirrors to see if you have any new cavities, if any of your fillings need to be replaced, if you have gum disease, if you have severe grinding issues, etc. From there they will either schedule appointments to fix cavities or fillings, or they will schedule your next 6 month dental check-up. 

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