Why Your Retainer Doesn't Fit

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After you have finished a course of wearing braces, your dentist will likely want you to wear a retainer for a long period. The retainer is meant to hold the newly adjusted teeth in place so that the gums and bone can completely adjust to the new position. When putting in your retainer, you may notice that it no longer fits. This can be the result of one of several factors.

You May Not Have Worn Your Retainer

If you stop wearing your retainer for a while, there is a possibility that your teeth will move. Unfortunately, teeth shift in position over time, so the only way to ensure that your teeth always remain in the proper position is to wear your retainer regularly. Fortunately, your orthodontist may advise that you only have to wear your retainer at night.

By not wearing your retainer, your teeth will move out of place and the retainer will no longer fit. It may then be necessary to have your retainer adjusted. Depending on the severity of the movement of your teeth, it might even be necessary to wear braces again to move your teeth back into the proper position. If you do need braces put back on, consider going to a company like Braces Inc.

Your Teeth Settled

Sometimes, the retainer may not fit immediately after you have your braces removed. There might have been a mistake made in the fabrication of your retainer. You should always report this to your orthodontist so that the retainer can be adjusted to apply the correct pressure on your teeth.

Some settlement is normal and even desirable. The back teeth will often settle into a position that fits better. However, the retainer will still need to be adjusted to account for the new position of the teeth.  

Your Retainer Is Broken

If your retainer broke, it may no longer fit properly or remain snugly on your teeth. Unfortunately, there are a lot of insurance companies that will only cover a single retainer. Therefore, you should budget for a replacement in case such an emergency arises. The retainer could be damaged through normal wear and tear. A common cause for a retainer breaking is that hot water causes the retainer to become distorted. Therefore, when cleaning the retainer, you should only use lukewarm water and a denture cleaner. Also, avoid eating with your retainer and always place it in a safe place when not wearing it.