Haven't Been To The Dentist In A Long Time? What You Should Expect

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If you fell on hard times in recent years, you may have stopped taking the time, effort, and of course, the money to go to the dentist. However, now that you are back on your feet again, you may be considering the possibility of going back to your former family dentistry practice to get a proper examination and cleaning performed. The problem is that you may not know what you can or should expect from your first dental visit in many years. Get to know some of what to expect as you begin the journey back to making your dental health one of your top priorities.

You Will Likely Get A Panoramic X-Ray Along With Standard X-Rays

Dental technologies have changed over the years and the newest technologies have made it easier for dentists to get a good look at the structure of your teeth, jaw, and mouth so that they can come up with a care and treatment plan that best suits your dental needs. As such, you will likely get a few different types of x-rays.

The standard x-rays that dentists have always taken involve biting down on large plates on either side of your mouth to get images of each side of your teeth. On top of that, dentists now have the capacity to perform panoramic x-rays. Panoramic x-rays, on the other hand take a full picture of your jaws, facial bones, and teeth. The x-ray machine rotates around your head and pieces together a single digital image that the dentist can read on the computer.

You May Need Root Planing and Scaling Services

In addition to x-rays and a standard dental cleaning, you may find yourself facing significant plaque deposits on your teeth and gums. Oftentimes, when a person has gone several years without dental care, the plaque builds up and hardens making it very difficult to remove, even with a thorough, standard dental cleaning. The gums may also be receded, causing the cleaning process to be painful due to root and nerve exposure.

Instead of putting you through a potentially painful cleaning process, your dentist may recommend that you come back for what is known as a root planing and scaling procedure. This process allows you to receive an anesthetic to numb your mouth so that the dentist can remove all of the hardened plaque deposits from your teeth and gums without causing you severe pain. This process will ensure that you start off with a clean slate for your teeth and will allow any gum disease that has developed to heal and clear up.

With these facts in mind, you can better prepare for your return to the dentist and make sure you know what to expect as you get your dental health back in order. For more information, check out a site like http://www.apollodentalcenter.com.