3 Huge Reasons to Visit a Dentist Today

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When was the last time that you visited the dentist? Do you even know exactly how long it's been? There are a variety of reasons why people avoid going to see a dentist at least for their annual checkup. While your reason might seem like a good one to you, the truth is that there are even better reasons why you should go in and get your teeth checked out. Some of the best reasons why you should make an appointment today include the following: 

Lack of pain: Many people avoid dentists after having a single bad experience with one dentist. If you've only ever seen one dentist and that dentist caused you pain, then it's understandable that you'd want to avoid that pain if at all possible. However, modern dentistry strives to be as pain-free as possible. Newer anesthetics, better tools, and more training all combine together so that even root canals can be virtually painless. If you've had bad experiences in the past, make sure to mention this to your dentist. A good dentist will work with you to find an anesthetic that will provide as much pain relief as possible so that you can focus on other things.

Prevent problems: Perhaps you've avoided going to the dentist because you haven't had any toothaches and you "know" that you don't have any cavities. It's possible that this is true, but it's also possible that you have the beginnings of a cavity or could even have a chipped or a cracked tooth without realizing it. Your dentist will look at your teeth and let you know what potential issues you may be facing in the future. The sooner you address these issues, the easier that they will be to correct. 

Payment plans: Even if you have very good dental insurance, dental work can be extremely expensive. You may be under the impression that you can't afford to even simply have your teeth checked out. If you are low-income, look for a sliding-fee dental clinic in your area. But if you can afford it and don't want to potentially wait for weeks or months for your appointment, joining a dental discount plan may be in order. A dental discount plan may allow you to get a cleaning, X-ray, and an exam for little to no cost to you. If, even after the discount plan is accounted for, you still can't afford to have your teeth worked on, ask your local dentist about payment plans. He or she would likely rather have you get your teeth checked out and pay over several months rather than you never coming in at all and your teeth getting worse.

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