Which Dentist Should You Go To?

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A dentist typically has a specialized practice to serve the specific needs of his or her patient. While you can always consult a general dentist and have her assess your dental health and maybe refer you to a specialist, it also helps to know which dentist you should go to, depending on your concern.

General Dentist

This type of dentist is the typical family dentist who performs a thorough examination of the mouth, performs professional cleaning, and advises the patients about overall oral and dental health. He or she may also be a dental public health practitioner who promotes dental health and education not only to individual patients but to the community as a whole. Go this dentist if your primary concern is to maintain dental health.


This type of dentist specializes in the aesthetic alignment of the jaw and teeth through the use of braces, and it is usually associated with cosmetic dentistry. His or her primary goal is to give a beautiful smile and functional bite to the patient. Go to this dentist if you have problems with crooked teeth and too close or too far teeth gaps.


This type of dentist specializes in the taking care of teeth's dental nerves and performing root canals. Their practice is usually limited to treating the soft tissues of the tooth. Go to this dentist if you need tooth pulp treatment due to untreated tooth decay or if you are recovering from a traumatic dental injury.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

This cosmetic dentistry expert specializes in oral surgeries, such as wisdom tooth removal, cleft pallet and lip repair surgery, and dental implants. As a surgeon, he or she is trained alongside other medical professionals in emergency medicine, general surgery, and anesthesiology. Go to this dentist if you need wisdom tooth extraction, lip and oral surgeries, and dental implants.


This type of dentist focuses on the prevention, diagnoses, and treatment of the diseases affecting the gums. They engage both in non-surgical and surgical procedures for keeping the gums healthy and free from tartar and other agents that can harm the gums. Go to this dentist if you have "flaps" or opening in the gums and if you suffer from too sensitive teeth that hurt your gums.

Each dentist has a specialized training and certification to perform various treatments and procedures depending on your need. Consulting a general dentist could be a good start to know which dentist you should go to. He or she can refer you to a specialist or you can find a specialist by yourself. Either way, there is surely a specialized dentist who can help you.

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