Are Bleeding Gums Normal During PMS?

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Whether you take excellent care of your oral health or not, it can be alarming to notice that your gums are bleeding. However, if you're having this problem during your period or your pre-period PMS cycle, it's possible that bleeding gums aren't your fault. Read on to learn more about why gums can bleed during your period and how to determine if it's normal or not.

What Happens During Your Period

When your body is ready for your period, it's time for the uterus to begin shedding its lining. This is what causes the bleeding that women experience during their periods. In order to stimulate this process, the body produces a hormone called progesterone. This hormone is natural and helps the lining to release and to encourage the uterine muscles to contract.

Unfortunately, the hormone isn't limited to the reproductive organs, and it can potentially affect other areas of the body, too.

How Hormones Affect Gums

When your body produces more progesterone, that hormone is released into the bloodstream. That means that the same blood that keeps your gums pink and healthy is laced with progesterone.

Unfortunately, progesterone can have a similar effect on the gums that it can in the reproductive organs. The tissue of the gums can become more sensitive, and the capillaries can open slightly, making it more likely for you to experience bleeding gums. This condition is called menstruation gingivitis and is a temporary condition that should clear up after your period is finished. It's also fairly common to experience similar problems during other hormonal shifts, like puberty and menopause, so be aware that it can happen in nearly all stages of a woman's life.

When To Worry

If your period is done and you're still having bleeding gums, that could indicate that there's another problem. You could have pre-existing gingivitis that's made worse when progesterone enters the bloodstream. It's also possible that while your gums were more sensitive to abrasion that they were damaged by brushing your teeth too hard.

In any case, you should contact a dentist for help if your gum bleeding doesn't clear up soon after your period is over.

Normally, bleeding gums are an immediate warning sign that there's a problem with your oral health. However, if you're a woman who has periods, don't panic if your gums bleed while you're on your cycle. There's a strong chance that the problem will disappear soon. If it doesn't, a visit to your family dentist is in order.