Learn About Your Teeth And Things That Can Help Keep Them In Great Condition

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You can do yourself a big favor by learning the basics of your teeth and how you can care for them. Your understanding should go much further than just acknowledging the importance of brushing. Here are some important things you want to know and some advice that you want to follow:

Emergencies should be dealt with immediately

If you chip, fracture, break, loosen or knock out a tooth, then you need to deal with the immediate situation at hand and get in to see the dentist as soon as possible. In cases of serious emergencies, such as a loose tooth or a knocked-out tooth, you want to go in even if it means going to a 24 hour emergency dentist. If you do go to a 24 hour dentist, you should still follow up with your regular one as soon as they can see you.

As soon as the emergency occurs, you want to clean your mouth with water, stop any bleeding, find any tooth particles or the tooth (if applicable), store them in your own saliva and get to the dentist. In cases where you can wait for the next available appointment, you want to make sure you baby your tooth so you don't make matters worse. You also want to be sure you keep your mouth as clean as you can since a damaged tooth will be more susceptible to cavities and further injuries.

Gum and water can become your mouth's best friends

Drinking water instead of drinks with artificial colors or sugars in them will help keep your mouth cleaner and rinse them off in a way that removes food debris and anything else that can cause future issues. Water also hydrates you which is good for your entire body, including your mouth and teeth. Gum can also be great for your teeth, so long as you choose to chew sugarless gum. It will continuously pull everything that's not good for your teeth right off from them.

Don't skip dental exams

Even if you feel you have been doing an excellent job of caring for your teeth and you don't think anything is wrong with them, you still don't want to skip your appointments with your family dentist. Professional cleanings are very important and there is always the chance the dentist can find problems in their early stages. When certain things are caught very early on, the treatment for them will be so much easier and even more affordable.