Why Ceramic Braces Could Be The Ideal Method For Aligning Your Teeth As An Adult

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If you're uncomfortable with your smile because you have misaligned teeth, you might be thinking of getting braces. However, if you're like a lot of other adults, you may not want metal braces since they have such a profound effect on your appearance. While aligner trays might seem like a good alternative, they're not always suitable and they take longer to work. A better solution could be ceramic braces. Here's why you should talk to your dentist about them.

Ceramic Braces Are Discreet

Braces with ceramic brackets work in the same way as metal braces in that they're worn all the time until your treatment is complete. The big difference is that they're made of ceramic rather than metal, so you won't have a mouth full of silver metal that's obvious even from a distance. There are two options in ceramic braces: white and clear. The white brackets blend in with your teeth so they aren't as noticeable as traditional metal brackets. The clear brackets are transparent so they are nearly invisible. In addition, the wires can be white too so they blend in better. The end result is a more cosmetically appealing smile during the months that you're wearing the braces.

Ceramic Brace Are More Comfortable

These braces cost more than metal braces, but the cost is usually worth it for the improved appearance and enhanced comfort they offer. The brackets are polished so they're smoother and less irritating to your mouth. You may find the ceramic variety is easier to wear and more comfortable than metal braces. However, they are tightened regularly like traditional braces and that might cause the usual discomfort after each dental visit.

Ceramic Braces Are Suitable For Many Dental Problems

Most dental problems that can be treated with metal braces can also be treated with the ceramic variety. This makes them an ideal choice when aligner trays aren't a suitable choice yet you want clear braces. Plus, since the braces are permanent until the dentist removes them, compliance in wearing them won't be an issue and you may get better results quicker than you would with aligner trays that you can remove when you want.

One thing to note about ceramic material is that it can stain if you don't brush the braces often, especially if you drink coffee and eat dark foods. However, as long as you maintain proper dental care, which is necessary with braces anyway, then this usually isn't a problem. Ceramic braces could be the solution for your misaligned teeth, and they're ideal for adults when you don't want metal braces impacting your appearance on the job or with your social life. Contact a clinic, like Eberting Orthodontics, for more help.