What Are The Benefits Of Getting Invisalign As Opposed To Traditional Braces?

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One of the most complicated orals issues you might have to deal with is misaligned teeth. Tooth misalignment can happen due to genetic factors or as a result of environmental factors. For instance, children who use pacifiers or such on their thumbs are more prone to getting misalignment of their front teeth than those who don't.

Whatever the cause of poor dental alignment, it is advisable to start the process of correcting them early. A lot of people shy away from teeth straightening because they fear the pain, discomfort, and stigma attached to braces. However, it is possible to use Invisalign, the invisible tooth aligners to help improve the appearance of your teeth. Here are the major benefits of getting Invisalign.

The Aligners Reduce the Possibility of Getting Gum Disease

People whose teeth are poorly aligned or overcrowded in the mouth have a higher chance of developing oral complications such as gum disease. This is because when your teeth are not correctly aligned, you are more likely to accumulate plaque, which will eventually lead to gum infections.

At the same time, when the teeth are poorly aligned, the possibility of the gums becoming inflamed when you are brushing your teeth is higher. And this eventually degenerates to gum disease. Invisalign helps put the disorderly teeth back to their correct positions, and this minimizes the possibility of future dental problems.

Invisalign Rectifies Your Bite

Another common orthodontic problem is underbites and overbites. Overbites happen when teeth on your upper jaw protrude more than those on the lower jaw. An underbite, on the other hand, occurs when the lower teeth protrude more than the upper teeth.

In both cases, you can get aligner trays that will move your teeth back into the right position to protect you from teeth infection, gum irritation, and pain in your jaw. It also helps you deal with crossbites and open bites.

It Aligns Your Teeth Faster

The other great benefit of using Invisalign is that it is fast and very effective. Unlike the older methods used to align teeth, Invisalign can align your teeth within six months to a year, depending on the position of your teeth. This is because the aligner trays act on every tooth individually and correct their positions. This lessens your pain and gives you better results.

These are just a few of the many benefits of Invisalign. Always get the help of a professional orthodontist to realign your teeth. This will improve your chances of getting your teeth straightened fast.

For more information about using Invisalign, contact a local dentist or orthodontist.