Why You Need Regular Dental Checkups

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Most people suffer from dental anxiety. As such, they may avoid going to the dentist until they have an emergency. Yet, scheduling an appointment for a dental check-up has many health benefits in the long run. So, why visit a dentist regularly? 

What Happens in a Dental Check-up? 

Ideally, one should visit a dentist for a dental check-up about every six months. However, individuals with existing oral health problems should visit the dentist more regularly. Usually, there are two critical steps during a dental visit. For starters, the dentist begins by learning about your dental health history and any recent changes. Then, the dentist undertakes an oral examination of the teeth, gums, and tongue. The dentist looks out for signs of cavities, inflammation, growths, and swollen glands. More so, the dentist checks previous dental work such as fillings and implants to see if they are still intact. Also, the check-up may include X-rays to detect teeth and jaw problems. The second part of the check-up includes a dental clean-up to remove plaque and tartar. 

Benefits of Dental Check-Up 

Detect and Treat Cavities 

The most prevalent oral health issue is cavities. Ordinarily, teeth cavities are very painful and require urgent filling. When cavities go untreated, they cause infections, which leads to more severe problems. Essentially, mouth infections can spread to the bloodstream, which causes septicemia. Notably, septicemia is a life-threatening infection that requires emergency treatment. As such, a regular dental visit can prevent this escalation through early detection and filling. 

Prevent and Treat Gingivitis 

One of the major causes of teeth loss is gingivitis. Broadly, gingivitis is a gum disease that destroys the bone structure that anchors and supports teeth. In addition, gingivitis causes periodontal disease when tartar builds up on the gum line, leading to inflammation. Thus, a regular dental check-up prevents gum disease. In this way, the dentist helps to preserve your permanent teeth for mouth functionality and oral aesthetics. 

Detect Oral Cancer  

Regular dental check-up helps to detect oral cancer. Dental cancer is a severe health threat. Thus, a dentist visit can help detect and address oral cancer before it progresses. Usually, the dentist undertakes tissue and gum examination to ensure they are healthy. In particular, the dentist will look for signs of bleeding, white patches, and sores that do not heal. In the case of malignant tissues, the dentist may order a biopsy as a life-saving measure.

Dental Hygiene Education 

Dental visits contribute to proper oral hygiene through education. Usually, the dentist plays an essential role in educating patients on how to take care of their mouth and teeth. For instance, one can learn the importance of cleaning teeth twice a day and after meals. Also, one can understand how to brush and floss teeth effectively to fight bacteria, dry mouth, and bad breath. In addition, the visits instill a positive attitude toward oral care and dental visits among children. 

Do not let dental anxiety become a stumbling block to your oral health. Consult a dentist and schedule a dental check-up to protect your mouth and maintain your smile.