What You Need to Know About Natural and Silver Fillings

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Dental fillings are most commonly used to restore decayed teeth. The filings replace the portion of the tooth that is removed and make the tooth look more natural. You may have seen silver or metal-colored fillings, but you can now opt to get fillings that are the same color as your natural teeth. If you need fillings, here are some things you need to know about tooth-colored resin fillings:

Is Tooth-Colored Resin the Best Option?

Silver fillings tend to be very durable, but they can be easily spotted in your mouth. When you have a lot of filings, the silver stands out and can make you feel self-conscious when you laugh or open your mouth wide. Resin that is the same color as your natural teeth are not visible when someone looks in your mouth.

If you need a filling in a tooth toward the front of your mouth, the tooth-colored resin is a much better option. A tooth can be fully restored from a serious break or a lot of decay back to a more normal color and shape.

What Are the Fillings Made Of?

Silver fillings are made of amalgam. Fillings that are the same color as a natural tooth are made from a composite resin composed of glass and plastic. A dentist can shade the resin in any color to match your other teeth. You may also have the option of getting fillings made from porcelain. The same process is used to shape and shade porcelain fillings. You can discuss with your dentist which option is best for you.

Should You Replace Silver Fillings?

If you have a lot of silver fillings in your mouth, you may have considered having them replaced. You can choose to have them replaced with a more natural colored filling, but you need to carefully consider if doing so is good for you. You and your dentist will have to decide if it is worth changing your fillings.

You first need to think about the health of the tooth. When the tooth is strong, you may not have an issue replacing it with a new filling. If a tooth is fragile, removing an old filling and replacing it can impact the structure of the tooth. You do not want to lose the rest of the healthy tooth by trying to replace it. Some fillings are too large to remove without harming the tooth.

To learn more about fillings, contact a local cosmetic dentist.