Three Reasons Why Teeth Whitening In A Dentist's Office Will Always Be Best

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Getting your teeth whitened, either at home or in a dentist's office, can restore the look of your smile and make you seem healthier and even younger. However, before you head to your local drugstore to pick up a whitening kit, you should strongly consider leaving this to the professionals. Here's why you're almost always going to have a better experience with your teeth being whitened in a dentist's chair than at home in your bathroom.

Assurance of Dental Health

One of the problems with whitening kits at home is that they're gentle enough for teeth, but only when those teeth are healthy. Teeth that are actively damaged by things like weakened enamel, cavities, or weakened fillings can potentially be harmed by whitening kits. Unfortunately, checking your teeth for these things at home isn't always possible. However, if you go to get your teeth whitened professionally by a dentist, it ensures that your teeth won't be harmed. This is because your dentist will examine your teeth thoroughly before performing the whitening to ensure that everything looks good and that your teeth are healthy and intact.

Faster Results

Another thing you can enjoy from a professional whitening service is faster results. While at-home whitening kits have gotten better about delivering results more quickly over the years, a single treatment at a dentist's office will lead to excellent results and significant whitening. Using an at-home whitening kit more often than recommended in an effort to get results faster is a very bad idea as it can harm your teeth. Only dentists are capable of whitening your teeth to the exact shade that you want and accomplishing it in as little as one appointment.

Gum Protection

Finally, while your main issue may be your teeth right now, you don't want to forget about the health and safety of your gums. Your gums are important for keeping bacteria and debris out and should be protected at all costs. Unfortunately, whitening at home can sometimes hurt your gums, as the whitening treatment can create sensitivity or even tissue damage if used incorrectly.

In a dentist's chair, not only can you rely on their precision to apply the whitening solution where it's needed, but they can also protect your gums. Dentists typically apply a special solution over the surface of your gums that helps to shield them from the whitening process. That way you'll come away from the appointment without the sensitivity or pain in your gums you may have felt from prior at-home whitening treatments.

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