How Dental Crown Implants Improve More Than Your Smile

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Any dental work you get done is a vast improvement on your overall oral health, but there are many other benefits to having your teeth worked on as well. Dental crown implants are designed to protect and cover what is left of an existing tooth while providing an aesthetic benefit.

If you want to improve your smile and help preserve your oral health via getting dental crowns, wonderful — this procedure will help you achieve just that. Here are other wonderful benefits to having dental crown implants put in that you may not have thought of.

You speak better

Your mouth is designed to speak around your full set of teeth and when you are missing one or have a tooth that is chipped or uneven, you can speak with a lisp, whistle, or unclear emphasis as a result. The goal of having your dental crown implants put in is to make your smile fuller, and you can experience better speaking quality as a result as well.

You smile more authentically

Trying to hide a decayed or missing tooth when you smile can make your smile appear forced or strained. Repairing a tooth with a dental crown will help you feel more confident in your smile and give your grin greater authenticity.

You have a better facial shape

When you have a hole in your mouth where a tooth should be, your face can sink in because of that lack of substance. Your teeth are what help support your cheeks and give your face a fuller and more contoured look. If you are missing multiple teeth, you'll notice your face symmetry is off in the areas where cheeks are not properly supported.

Even if you don't mind having your missing teeth otherwise because they're not noticeable when you smile, dental crown implants can improve the facial contours of your face and help prevent premature sagging, wrinkling, and aging where you'd otherwise appear younger.

You have straighter teeth

Did you know your teeth rely on one another to remain straight? A tooth can wander into a new position when an opening gap in the mouth happens, so you can not only be left with a hole in your smile, you can be left with teeth that are crooked as well. Fixing crooked teeth can take time, so have your dentist repair your smile with dental crown implants to keep your smile even and keep your teeth where they should be.