4 Reasons To Choose Dental Implants To Replace Missing Teeth

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Bridges and dentures can be effective treatment options to fill dental gaps. However, the tides have been turning, and dental implants now seem to be the gold standard for filling gaps within the tooth line. If you are searching for the right replacement option, perhaps it would help to learn about the benefits of choosing dental implants.

1. Long-Term Solution

Traditional prosthetics are excellent solutions for lost teeth. However, one of their drawbacks is that they become loose and ill-fitting after some time and need intervention. Patients might need to see a dentist for repairs and replacements. However, implants typically serve you for a long time. They offer a better financial option despite having relatively high upfront costs. Implants have minimal maintenance because they are cleaned the same way you brush your natural teeth. Apart from the occasional crown change, you don't have to spend any more on maintaining your implants.

2. Leave Other Teeth Untouched

Bridges might need support from other teeth to stay in place. Due to a lack of bone stimulation, other adjacent teeth begin to fall off over time. Dentists recommend implants that tend to leave other teeth untouched. If anything, implants stimulate bone growth to support teeth and prevent tooth loss. You can preserve other teeth without reshaping or extracting healthy teeth.

3. A Firm and Better Alternative

Implants are often planted into the gums and bone to act and feel like real teeth. They are durable and can last a long time if properly cleaned and maintained. The deeply anchored post can greatly benefit patients who struggle to chew food or speak due to loose dentures. They restore bite force to help you bite, eat, and speak without fearing the prosthetics will fall off. Consider implants if you are looking for a firm and durable replacement option.

4. High Success Rates

Dentists undergo intense training in installing dental implants. They understand what it takes to properly install the implants and ensure they stay firmly anchored into the jawbone. The expert will also take you through the post-operative instructions to ensure the surgical site heals well. Provided you follow the dentist's instructions, you will enjoy long-term service and success. Implants rarely fail and are healthy options for patients who want to restore their teeth.

Generally, implants deserve the praise they get, as shown above. However, if you need a lasting solution, visit an implant dentist for an examination to determine if you are a good candidate for the implants. If they recommend implants, you can start your journey to restoring a healthy and beautiful smile.